Adom D’Amico

Positive Behaviour Support Plan Assistant


dom D’Amico has been everywhere. Originally born in the small town of Tom Price, WA, Adom has traveled all around Australia with his family.

Adom moved to Papua New Guinea with his family when he was 13 years old and embraced the culture and people with an open mind. While there, Adom learned to appreciate whatever life brings and to always look for the positives.

Adom D’Amico, Positive Behaviour Support Plan Assistant.

fter graduating from Townsville Grammar School, Adom began working at a local company, who specialised in Adult Community Living: helping those with disabilities to engage and become a part of the community.

During his 10 years as a Support Worker, Adom learned strategies to help clients manage a range of tasks—from household chores to activities of daily living, such as grocery shopping and budgeting. Adom found a passion working with challenging behaviours and Positive Behaviour Support Plans [PBSP].

Adom has completed his Certificate III in Disability Studies, Predict, Assess and Respond to Aggressive behaviours (PART) and Sensory Training in recent years. Adom brings a wealth of knowledge to PoDDSS with an extensive background in:

Adom has also worked for larger disability organisations, where he was given the opportunity to develop and implement activities that taught young adults to become independent members of our community. Some of these activities included:

  • Sailing and Leadership
  • Navigating public transport
  • Cooking
  • Literacy and Numeracy Skills
  • Small Motor Mechanics
  • Horticulture

As a Positive Behaviour Support Assistant, Adom works with individuals, family, support workers and other relevant stake holders to achieve the best possible outcomes and to improve the quality of life for clients who may display behaviours of our concern. Adom works closely with our Clinician’s here at PoDDSS to assist in implementing PBSP’s and assists in delivering the training to direct Support Workers to develop their understanding and protocols surrounding PBSPs.

If you wish to speak to Adom, please contact PODDSS on 4700 6854, or please feel free to visit us at the PODDSS office, Unit 1 10-12 Cottell street, Hyde Park Townsville 4812 QLD.

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Adom D’Amico
Adom D’AmicoPositive Behaviour Support Plan Assistant
PoDDSS Welcomes Adom D’Amico, Adom has been everywhere. Originally born in the small town of Tom Price, WA, Adom has travelled all around Australia with his family. Adom moved to Papua New Guinea with his family when he was 13 years old and embraced the culture and people with an open mind.
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