Parimal Reddy

Positive Behaviour Support / Specialist Support Coordination / Counselling


arimal Reddy had studied and completed a degree in Dentistry in his home country being India some years ago and he has now recently completed and achieved his master’s degree in Social Work at James Cook University in Townsville.

His passion to support people and an ever-present interest in providing person-centered care did not fall under the working framework of dentistry therefore this led him to explore Social Work which introduced him to the disability sector and to PODDSS.

Parimal Reddy, Positive Behaviour Support / Specialist Support Coordination / Counselling

long with extensive theoretical knowledge, Parimal brings new perspectives to the working arena given his Indian background and uncommon orientation of both medical and social education. Outside of academic accomplishment, he is also an avid sportsman having played Soccer Nationals in India. In addition, Parimal also likes to visit new places and discover new places in outback Australia. Parimal is also a movie buff with a special interest in Sci-fiction movies.

Parimal is well skilled in cultural practice, communicational skills, case management, risk assessment and management, and counseling from previous experience and knowledge from working with Therapeutic services at Queensland Health. He has experienced in understanding children’s behaviour who are under care given his insights on attachment and childhood trauma. Parimal has insight into the impact on all aspects of childhood development. He believes it is important to understand behaviour and to find and accept the child’s narrative.

Parimal provides the following services:

  • Positive Behaviour Support

  • Specialist Support Coordination

  • Counselling

In collaboration with person-centered practice, he also believes in systemic frameworks that lead to participation, which provides an opportunity to shape organisations and help them tailor services to meet client’s needs.

In terms of wider roles within our community, he is currently the Board Member of Branch Management Committee AASW and looks forward to bringing in client perspective practice that accommodates choice and self-determination for the participant.

He is interested in working with families and organisations in order to create an environment that is conducive to development and growth, while expanding the move towards community integration and participation.

Parimal believes that by understanding and addressing the underlying needs for the complex behavior, followed by non-punitive approach, it will bring durable change that will lead to an improved quality of life for the participant and their support network.

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Parimal Reddy
Parimal ReddyPositive Behaviour Support / Specialist Support Coordination / Counselling
PoDDSS Welcomes Parimal Reddy, Parimal had studied and completed a degree in Dentistry in his home country being India some years ago and he has now recently completed and achieved his master’s degree in Social Work at James Cook University in Townsville.
Shabnam Zangeneh
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