Rachel Lilley

Positive Behaviour Support Clinician, Psychologist


achel Lilley has come to the PODDSS team with a passion for positive behaviour support (PBS), as well as individual therapy.

She has strong beliefs in promoting self-determination and using evidence-based tools to support individuals and families to lead the life they seek. Her values also lie in promoting equity and human rights for all.

Rachel is a mother to two beautiful children and has been a psychologist for 14 years. She has experience in working with individuals, families, and couples. She completed her degree at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, majoring in Psychology and Anthropology, and completing her honours in Psychology, before becoming a registered Psychologist in Australia.

Rachel Lilley, Positive Behaviour Support Clinician, Psychologist.

achel worked as a disability support worker whilst completing her study and is extremely grateful for the first-hand knowledge this experience provided her, to now apply when working with support work providers.

Rachel has undergone training in positive behaviour support and has strong knowledge in behavioural psychology. Rachel completed her psychology registration whilst working with families at risk of entering the child safety system and has particular interest in developmental psychology (children) and trauma from this experience.

Other areas of interest include mental health, neurological disorders and intellectual disability. She has worked as a psychologist within the NDIS framework for over 5 years now and loves the support she is able to give participants and their stakeholders from a psychological and behavioural framework.

Rachel provides the following services:

Owing to her undergraduate degree in anthropology, Rachel also holds particular interest in working with people from other cultures. She has been lucky enough to build her experience in working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures since moving to Australia in 2007.

Rachel is also a Psychology Board approved supervisor and supervises provisional psychologists as well as PBS behavioural practitioners. Rachel additionally has experience and interest in psychometric testing, including assessment for intellectual, neurological and adaptive functioning, as well as mental health.

Rachel is a keen gym bunny but will also never pass on a night of Netflix and popcorn with her kids.

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