COVID – 19 Advice

Important Information for Clients and Families

Important Update – April 2020

I hope this finds you and those close to you well in these very difficult times. We have decided to close our office for all face to face meetings as of Monday 6 April, 2020 due to COVID-19. However the office phone number will be answered if one was to call the office.

Our Support Coordinator’s will be working from home to continue to provide support to clients and families until further notice.

Important Update – March 2020

Dear Clients, Families & Fellow Service Providers

As you know, there is ongoing and growing concern about the spread of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus.

This is impacting on us here at PoDDSS, and as a disability support service, we have very specific vulnerabilities. These include:

  • We support many people with supressed or vulnerable immune systems

  • Some of our services happen in group settings

  • Our clients’ support needs make social distancing difficult to implement

  • Our clients may have multiple visitors in their home

  • Our clients may not understand the risks and additional hygiene measures required

  • Our clients may be dependent on others for basic activities of daily living

  • Our clients may not have suitable support and/or accommodation contingencies available to them.

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hile none of this means we need to panic, it does mean we need to respond responsibly in line with government and medical advice and begin planning for a potential worsening of the situation. We urge you to stay vigilant.

Please do not attend our office or services if you are showing signs of a runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever or difficulty breathing or have recently returned from overseas. Please wash your hands thoroughly when you enter the office and use the hand sanitiser located in the reception area.

If you are concerned that you or your loved one may be infected:

  • The national 24/7 hotline triages people with respiratory symptoms and those who are concerned about contact with a possible Coronavirus case. If you think you may be infected, you can call the triage hotline on 1800 020 080.

  • Suspected Coronavirus patients can present in person to a GP clinic, a dedicated respiratory clinic or to a hospital ED if they call ahead.

  • Please notify us ASAP

What is PoDDSS doing to create a safe environment?

  • We have increased the frequency of environmental cleaning.

  • We will continue to provide support in the community (unless advice changes), however, we will not be attending any group programs where people with disability congregate.

  • We will avoid any activities that place people in close proximity to others for extended periods such as concerts and movies theatres.

  • We are permitting our clinicians to physically come onto visit your sites, however these are limited to urgent cases only and are in conjunction with your service provider and skype services are available.

  • We are closely monitoring and will observe Government directions.

  • We have cancelled most onsite meetings and video/teleconferencing will be utilised instead.

  • Our staff will also not attend non-essential meetings or training at external sites.

  • Staff not required to be physically present at the site will work from home.

  • Staff or clients who have returned from any overseas travel will be excluded from the service for 14 days and will require medical clearance before returning.

  • Staff or clients displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus, will be isolated until they can be sent home and will require medical clearance before returning.

What are the next steps?

We are meeting regularly with senior management at PoDDSS to discuss the current health advice and the impact on our service and we will observe Govt directions.

  • As always, you should feel free to call your Support Coordinator if you have any concerns about your family member or the service.

  • We will be continuing to monitor the information provided by the government to ensure the best response in keeping people safe and infection free.

  • We need to acknowledge that at some point, this may mean our service will need to close. We are working on contingency planning to reduce the impact on our clients and staff (Most of whom will be working from home).

  • We will keep you informed and provide as much lead-time possible if this is looking likely.

Most of all please remember to “Think BIG, Start Small Move Slowly, Wash Your Hands, Grow”.

Kind Regards Joyce-Lyn Smith and the team at PODDSS

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The Right People In The Right Jobs

Joyce-Lyn strives to recruit highly experienced professionals with the aim of providing high quality advice, supports and services.

Joyce-Lyn Smith
Joyce-Lyn SmithClinic Director of PoDDSS
Joyce-Lyn Smith is a passionate, caring professional with expertise working with people with disabilities having worked in the field for over 25 years.
Join the Team
Join the TeamExplore our Current Opportunities
PoDDSS is growing and needs talented disability support professionals to join the team. Explore our current opportunities.
Ann Greer
Ann GreerPositive Behaviour Support Clinician
It is an absolute pleasure to announce that Ann Greer has joined the team at PODDSS as a behaviour support consultant. She has long experience in the delivery of human services sector as well as developing services, delivering training and designing individualised supports to people with a disability and their families.
Parimal Reddy
Parimal Reddy Social Worker, Positive Behaviour Support Clinician, Counselling.
PoDDSS Welcomes Parimal Reddy, Parimal had studied and completed a degree in Dentistry in his home country being India some years ago and he has now recently completed and achieved his master’s degree in Social Work (Professional qualifying) at James Cook University in Townsville.
John Futer
John FuterPositive Behaviour Support Clinician
PoDDSS Welcomes John Futer, John , his wife Lisa, and son Mark have been members of the Townsville community since 1998. John’s professional experience has been in business, legal practice and most recently, public school teaching with the Queensland Department of Education.
Adom D’Amico
Adom D’AmicoPositive Behaviour Support Clinician
PoDDSS Welcomes Adom D’Amico, Adom’s journey has taken him from the tranquil town of Tom Price, WA, to various corners of Australia and beyond. Growing up in a family that embraced travel, Adom developed a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and acceptance from an early age.
Jennifer Heron
Jennifer HeronPositive Behaviour Support Clinician
PoDDSS Welcomes Jennifer Heron, Jennifer comes to PODSS primarily from a career within a Child protection environment, working as a therapist/counsellor and creating and implementing Positive Behaviour Support Plans.
Nadia Hilton
Nadia HiltonPositive Behaviour Support Clinician, Counselor/ Art Therapist
PoDDSS Welcomes Nadia Hilton, Nadia has joined the team at PoDDSS as a Positive Behaviour Support Clinician and Counselor/ Art Therapist.
Rachel Lilley
Rachel LilleyPositive Behaviour Support Clinician, Psychologist
PoDDSS Welcomes Rachel Lilley, Rachel has come to the PODDSS team with a passion for positive behaviour support (PBS), as well as individual therapy.
John Edwards
John EdwardsPositive Behaviour Support Clinician, Counsellor
PoDDSS Welcomes John Edwards, John has joined the PODDSS team as a Positive Behaviour Support Clinician and Counsellor.
Theresa Weatherly
Theresa Weatherly Behaviour Support Practitioner
PoDDSS Welcomes Theresa Weatherly, Theresa has come to the PODDSS team with a wealth of experience in providing core disability support services…
Glenda Lavery
Glenda LaveryPositive Behaviour Support Clinician
PoDDSS Welcomes Glenda Lavery, Glenda has come to the PODDSS team boasting 15+ years in Far North Queensland empowering vulnerable individuals and families

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