Positive Reinforcements


ositive Behaviour Support most often includes Positive Behaviour Enforcement schedules. These are used to promote the absence of behaviours of concern and usually are coupled with the learning a new skill so that they don’t need to display the negative behaviour. There are several forms that these schedules can take and those are best discussed with your behaviour specialist.

There are three very important rules associated with these schedules: 1. The reward must be something that the person REALLY REALLY wants (MOTIVATION)! 2. You must be CONSISTANT in the delivery of reinforcement tokens. (TRUST) 3. NEVER EVER remove tokens from a chart this is contrary to the principles of Positive Reinforcement.


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Trained PBS folk looking to work with a group of professionals with hearts of gold and  integrity  of steel, reach out to Joyce-Lyn Smith for more information.
I simply haven’t found better PBS practitioners in Australia. Can’t recommend Joyce-Lyn and her team more.

Alex S
Feedback from – PART Training

I really enjoyed how tailored this training was to our client, great to run through and debrief situations we have experienced. Great evasion tactics were client specific.


“Just touching base to say I enjoyed your training session at Connect as I know all the participants did as well. What I really got a lot out of was your personal experiences in the field which gave a depth and 3rd dimension to the information you were sharing. You’ve obviously had a wealth of experience and are very passionate about your work which I connect with and appreciate. Hope we can catch up again at some point down the track.”

Feedback from – PART Training

The training re-awakened a consciousness to stay professional at all times, being mindful of complacencies. Specifically, I did internalise the need to always be alert and proactively risk assess.


“[Client] has a complex care plan through PoDDSS which has helped improve his behavioural, emotional, and physical health. Prior to having this plan in place, [Client] found it challenging to relate to people and struggled to understand what behaviours were appropriate and inappropriate. Since implementing a behavioural plan and coping strategies………..[Client’s] supports have helped to regulate emotional and behavioural responses, better focus on learning new skills, and to integrate in different social settings with less difficulty.”

Joseph Martin, Director, Ambitions NQ Cairns

“Paul was a very vulnerable, isolated, unsafe and lonely man when I first met with him to advocate for him. His sadness was evident and the supports at that time were not acting in his best interests. As an advocate, you choose the right people for the right client and I certainly chose the right support coordinator. To receive that amount of funding in a plan needs to be acknowledged and congratulations to the people who were involved in assessments, reports and daily care and of course you and your team at Podds. This is a great achievement Joyce-lyn and I thank you on behalf of Paul. ”

Anne Hansen on behalf of Paul R, Independant Advocacy NQ
Feedback from – Sensory Movement and Awareness Training.
The training was extremely interesting and useful. Many of the staff remarked how helpful it was. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the information presented and now have a great basic understanding of our client’s sensory needs.
Comments from attendees:

  • As a result of attending the training I have new insights and learnt how to work towards a better life for myself/my family member with a disability and the people I support.
  • I am inspired to apply the ideas presented.
  • I have gained practical information and tools I can use.
  • It was very useful to gain more insight into my own sensory awareness so I can manage myself first in order to provide the best support to my client.
  • Thankyou so much for this amazing workshop. I have learned a lot and cannot wait to learn more in the future.
  • Joyce-Lyn presented the material with expertise, humour and genuineness.

Thank you, Joyce-Lyn, for your wisdom, experience and personable presentation. As usual your workshops are so good.

Sonia, Community Resource Unit Ltd