Positive Behaviour Support Plans


ehavioural Support involves structured behavioural assessments under the Disability Act 2006 to provide Proactive and Reactive Strategies and Positive Behaviour Support Plans mainly for NDIS-funded participants.

This may involve training of formal and informal supports, providing sensory advice, or assisting the primary person to access alternative communication that supports social skills, independence and progress towards life’s goals and aspirations.

Positive Behaviour Support Clinicians are strongly encouraged to complete their training with the Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis (IABA) Los Angeles (or be in the process of obtaining) that training/qualification before they can complete a Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP). This framework is considered the gold standard of Applied Behaviour Analysis because it utilises a non-aversive, multi element plan whose foundations are based on respect, dignity, least restrictive and person-centred approach.

The Clinician completing a PBSP will have a broad understanding of the various disability types and the impact of that on the person. PBSP clinicians work alongside other services (e.g. Education, Health, Advocacy, Child Safety etc) to ensure holistic service provision. Additionally, the Clinician will work alongside the support network including the participant and those involved in direct service delivery with the person to ensure consistency of services that is the least restrictive possible and that there is a clear understanding of the Positive Behaviour Support Plan. The Clinician will also provide training that is relevant to the development of the person and/or support network of the person or identify an appropriate person to deliver the training with the oversight of the PBSP clinician.

  • NDIS clients with approved Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support funding
  • NDIS clients with approved Behaviour Management Plan funding

NDIS Plan examples of approved funding:

  • Approved Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support funding
  • Approved Behaviour Management Plan funding
Behaviour Management Plan NDIS examples.
Angry lady breathing fire

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