Joyce-Lyn Smith (Clinic Director of PoDDSS)


oyce-Lyn Smith is a passionate, caring professional with expertise working with people with disabilities having worked in the field for over 22 years.

Joyce-Lyn started her career working with people living in complex situations as a support worker and has progressively worked in different situations to hone her skills and knowledge. This has included working at Disability Services Queensland for 10 years in the Intensive Behaviour Support Team providing specialist advice to families and organisations, as well, providing resources. Joyce-Lyn did a brief stint at NDIS developing her understanding of NDIS and the planning process.

Joyce-Lyn specialises in Positive Behaviour Support and was trained by a well-known expert in the field, Dr Gary La Vinga from the Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis in Los Angeles.

Joyce-Lyn Smith, Clinic Director of PoDDSS

Up to the Challenge


oyce-Lyn’s training and experience has allowed her to have many positive outcomes with people whose situation was extremely challenging. She owes it to her behaviour background in which she believes that every behaviour serves a function and constantly questions, what is this behaviour trying to communicate?

Joyce-Lyn is aware working with people with complex needs can be challenging, particularly for families and support organisations. She brings her wealth of knowledge on sensory supports, movement differences and has a special interest in Prada Willi syndrome, Intellectual Disabilities and Autism.

Joyce-Lyn provides the following services:

  • Support Coordination

  • Positive Behaviour Support

  • Training

  • Assessment and Support Letters for access/review for NDIS

  • Mentoring to organisations and families

Joyce-Lyn has a strong passion for visual supports and all her team members utilise this to prompt independence or as a platform to communicate new information.

Joyce-Lyn encourages ‘walk-ins’ from informal supports, organisations and participants. Joyce-Lyn is always up for a chat and coffee if you can find her in the office.

Ph: 0499 430 841 E:

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Joyce-Lyn strives to recruit highly experienced professionals with the aim of providing high quality advice, supports and services.

Joyce-Lyn Smith
Joyce-Lyn SmithClinic Director of PoDDSS
Joyce-Lyn Smith is a passionate, caring professional with expertise working with people with disabilities having worked in the field for over 22 years.
Susan Thinee
Susan ThineeOffice Manager
PoDDSS Welcomes Susan Thinee, Susan has lived in Townsville all of her life and has a local knowledge of services and appropriate options available within the northern region to enable and support people to make informal and relevant decisions.
Leigh - Ann Rozis
Leigh - Ann RozisSenior Support Coordinator
PoDDSS is excited to welcome Leigh-Ann Rozis to the team, Leigh-Ann has been living in Townsville for 9 years starting a successful business and beginning her care career at the Acute Mental Health Unit at the TTH.
Jason Carroll
Jason CarrollCounselling, Support Coordination & Positive Behaviour Support
PoDDSS are delighted to advise that Jason Carroll as joined the team. Jason is a local to the Townsville region and has extensive knowledge of the Community Services industry and the challenges faced in the disability sector particularly with the NDIA.
Anne Greer
Anne GreerBehaviour support consultant
It is an absolute pleasure to announce that Ann Greer has joined the team at PODDSS as a behaviour support consultant. She has long experience in the delivery of human services sector as well as developing services, delivering training and designing individualised supports to people with a disability and their families.
Sue Dixon
Sue DixonSpecialist Support Coordination, Positive Behaviour Support
Sue Dixon joins the PoDDSS Team (& PoDDSS are delighted 😊), bringing along with her, broad experience and knowledge of the human services sector; predominantly over 20 yrs. working in Disabilities
Meredith Swift
Meredith Swift Support Coordination, Positive Behaviour Support
PoDDSS Welcomes Meredith Swift, Meredith has been living in Townsville since 2015, having relocated here from Ingham to access better services for her non-verbal autistic adult daughter Sarah (now 25).
Jackie Cook
Jackie CookRural and Remote Support Coordinator
PoDDSS Welcomes Jackie Cook, Jackie has been living in the Townsville region now for about 4 years, bringing with her many life skills and experiences from the remote rural regions of Australia with the ability and understanding to adapt to various cultures and environments.
Lee Cattana
Lee CattanaSupport Coordinator
PoDDSS Welcomes Lee Cattana, Lee and her family relocated to Townsville in 2010 from Sydney NSW and believes this was the best lifestyle decision they have ever made!
Fiona Cunningham
Fiona CunninghamSupport Coordinator
PoDDSS Welcomes Fiona Cunningham, Fiona moved to Townsville with her small family, her husband and son 15 years ago. Fiona had been working with the Department of Child Safety in NSW for 6 years prior to moving to Far North Queensland, working in the State Intake Centre, Parliamentary Cabinet and Support also in the Domestic Violence Line.
Parimal Reddy
Parimal ReddyPositive Behaviour Support / Specialist Support Coordination / Counselling
PoDDSS Welcomes Parimal Reddy, Parimal had studied and completed a degree in Dentistry in his home country being India some years ago and he has now recently completed and achieved his master’s degree in Social Work at James Cook University in Townsville.
Shabnam Zangeneh
Shabnam ZangenehEducational programs facilitator
PoDDSS Welcomes Shabnam Zangeneh, Shabnam has been facilitating some educational programs, Understanding Sexuality for Teenagers/Adults and Social Skills for Teenagers/Adults.

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